CABANAMEDIA Video Marketing


CabanaMedia is a video production service that produces a variety of premium video content including TV commercials, social media videos, live event streaming, aerial video, special promotions, real estate TV show content, local sports clips, business videos for medical services and special treatments, on location production footage, and local Ad agency promotions. 


Video frame shown of Restaurant Calla from a local market TV commercial filmed and edited by CabanaMedia. View our youtube channel to view full length commercials and social media videos. Contact us for scheduling your next production.








CabanaMedia produces engaging videos for social media. If your business wants to connect with local customers in your area, we can make it happen.


Video Marketing is more than just making a commercial or video for your facebook page. We handle every aspect of creativity and manage the distribution for you.


CabanaMedia is mobile and connects on-the go. Reach us at 337.842.4907